Fortnite Save the World: announce the news of the coming months!


Simultaneously with the arrival of Fortnite Chapter 2, Epic Games also announced the novelties for Salva il Mondo, a PvE mode of Fortnite that should go on to the free to play model in the coming months.

The company specifies that ” You will notice that this is a lighter upgrade compared to the other” .00 “releases of Save the world: we intend to move to a less frequent cadence, but with more consistent updates. This will give us greater breathing space in conjunction with the launch of the Battle Passes, which will then be able to come out in a more perfected state. Finally, we are preparing another exciting feature that we hope to launch this season, in addition to what was said above. We are not yet ready to tell you about it … But just before the exit we will prepare a blog post with all the details. “

The changelog of Fortnite Save The World includes the October and November roadmap, more surprises are expected by the end of the year at the moment but there are no more precise details about it. In all likelihood, the company is planning the transition to the Free to Play model, rumored and confirmed for many months but not yet completed.