Fortnite Chapter 2: the new Bus driver exits the Black Hole and is revealed!

Fortnite Chapter 2

While everyone is wondering when it will disappear the Black Hole of Fortnite, meanwhile the driver of the Battle Bus of Chapter 2 it is out in the open, showing for the first time his identity. A short teaser trailer allows us to get to know you!

As you can see in the short teaser video shown in the tweet at the bottom of the page, the Battle Bus emerged from the Black Hole! The first question that may arise spontaneously is: how can the driver inside it have survived?

In hindsight, the driver of the Battle Bus of Fortnite Chapter 2 does not seem to be made of flesh and bones, like a normal human being. Just look at it for a moment “in the face”, in fact, to realize that it is a sort of holographic entity! Maybe artificial intelligence? What can you tell us about what you saw inside the Black Hole?

One thing is certain: Fortnite’s Chapter 2 is generating great curiosity about the community of Epic Games’ famous battle royale. Fortunately, his debut seems ever closer: when we report the news, in fact, the download of the Chapter 2 patch, weighing over 15 GB, is already available.

The novelties on the plate seem so many, starting from the new map and from the new cosmetic objects to be earned. What do you expect from Chapter 2 of Fortnite?