Fortnite 2: unveiled the new Battle Pass progression system

Fortnite 2

Like any new season, Season 1 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite will also have its own Battle Pass. And after Epic Games has finally unveiled the first official information on Chapter 2 of Fortnite, the first advances also arrive on the Battle Pass.

In the new season, in fact, the player’s progress in the Battle Pass will be tied to some Medals that players will be able to earn by completing certain requirements and that they will give experience and rewards.

It will work as a sort of points card, in which instead of having daily missions, the goal will be to earn medals. Objectives that will be along the lines of “Visit the place X”, for example, with which we are already familiar.

The Lucas7yoshi data miner has already found what looks like a list of goals that could be linked to these medals, and they require activities like going fishing or chopping wood.

It is not yet clear if these will be weekly or seasonal events to get the Medals, so we look forward to furthering official explanations. What is certain is that there really seems to be a lot to be done in this new Fortnite update.

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