WoW Classic: Blizzard forces the “Gay Boys” clan to change its name, then rethinks it

WoW Classic

Blizzard never ceases to be talked about these days. After the Blitzchung case, a Hearthstone player punished after advocating for a Hong Kong protest during a stream from the Grandmasters, Irvine’s company starred in another episode of World of Warcraft Classic.

According to what was reported by Ars Technica, last Thursday the Irvine company’s automated systems forcibly changed the name of the “Gay Boys” clan to “Guild ZFXPK”. In an email sent to the group administrator, Blizzard’s customer service explained that the procedure was activated because a large number of players “reported the name as inappropriate over and over again” . At first the creator of the clan was also punished with a temporary suspension of the account, fortunately, revoked shortly after.

As easily imaginable, the members of the clan did not take this decision well. One of them, Ahmil Jilani, wrote: “If you took a look at my chat log related to the recruitment process that brought us to where we are today, you would find the messages of many people writing ‘ F ****** gays, in the midst of so many other extremely detestable and discriminatory people. THESE are the individuals who find the name of our clan inappropriate. , it surprises me”.

Subsequently, another member of the clan contacted Ars Technica to report that Blizzard manually intervened to restore the name of the Gay Boys clan, warning however that it could be changed again in the event of repeated reports by other World of Warcraft Classic players: Blizzard said he could not prevent their complaints against the Gay Boys name.