Apex Legends, Firing Range coming soon: Respawn announces the new training area

Apex Legends Fire Range

During the first episode of “Apex Devstream”, an appointment dedicated to the news coming from Apex Legends, the Respawn Entertainment team announced the future introduction of the Firing Range.

The latter can be used by players as a real training area, in which to familiarize themselves with the Apex Legends gameplay. During the live streaming, the development team pointed out that such an addition was requested by many active players on the battle royale and provided the first details about its features. Within the Firing Range, it will be possible to change the Controlled Legend and practice using the skills of each Apex Legends character. Users will also have access to various weapons and tools, freely usable.

During the Apex Devstream, some game sequences were shown that present the Firing Range area: you can view them directly at the beginning of this news, starting from about 6:40 minutes. During the appointment, the Respawn developers also confirmed that the training area will be made available to players during Season 3 of Apex Legends. Are you happy with this announcement?

Pending further details, we remind you that the software house recently presented the Fight of Fright Collection Event, a special event to celebrate Halloween in Apex Legends. During the latter, it will also be possible to obtain two legendary skins.