PlayStation 5: pre-orders open in the Netherlands and Belgium!

PlayStation 5

The European chain 76 Game Mania has opened the PlayStation 5 preorders in its stores scattered throughout the Netherlands and Belgium: at the time of booking it will be necessary to pay a deposit of 50 euros and the remainder to be paid at the time of collection in store.

Once the pre-order has been made, customers will be placed on a waiting list and will have access to the first batch of PlayStation 5 available in the group’s stores, as a result the players are rushing to pre-order with the goal of being among the first of the list and enjoy the chance to get your hands on PS5 on the day one or in the days immediately following.

According to Let’s GO Digital, it appears that numerous 76 Game Mania outlets have been stormed in the past few hours with discreet queues in front of the stores of the main Belgian and Dutch cities.

At the moment no other retailer seems to have opened PlayStation 5 preorders in the world and it’s really too early considering that Sony’s next-gen console will be released during the fall of 2020, just in time for next year’s Christmas season, like recently confirmed by the company. Even the final price is shrouded in mystery, but there are those who expect a list set at $399 or $499, although these are only speculations.