League Of Legends: Riot has never forbidden to pronounce the term Hong Kong

League Of Legends

Yesterday some doubts were raised regarding presumed censorship of the Hong Kong term during the League of Legends Worlds 2019 tournament, highlighted by the failure to pronounce the full name of the Hong Kong Attitude team by the caster. But are things really like this? No, according to the words of Riot Games.

To clarify the situation is Ryan Rigney, communication manager of the League of Legends company (owned by the Chinese giant Tencent): ” No, we have never forbidden anyone to mention the term Hong Kong and we will never do it. On our social profiles, we have no problem citing the full name of the Hong Kong Attitude. We know that it is a sensitive issue, the only thing we can do is advise the casters to better prepare themselves to avoid misunderstanding. ”

Riot Games has, therefore, no intention of censoring the use of the term Hong Kong and it would have been only a misunderstanding due perhaps to the will of the presenters to shorten the name of the team (from Hong Kong Attitude to HKA) for practical reasons.

To come under the eye of the storm was even ( and especially ) Blizzard, accused of protecting the Chinese market after a pro player banned from tournaments Hearthstone who expressed solidarity with the protests in Hong Kong.