20 minutes of gameplay in Little Town Hero, the new game from the Pokemon authors


Game Freak is preparing not only to launch Pokemon Sword and Shield but also Little Town Hero, the company’s new IP coming out next week. For the occasion, the studio released a 20-minute gameplay video, played by Japanese YouTuber Ponyta Ishii.

” The story is set in a remote village on the edge of the world. The only door leading to the outside is guarded by a castle, and the inhabitants are not allowed to leave the village. But for most of the inhabitants, it is not a problem: they are satisfied with their lives and do not think of anything else.

However, the protagonist is a little different from the others and can’t wait to explore the world. One day, a “monster” makes its appearance in the village, terrorizing the inhabitants who had never thought that something like this could exist. The protagonist manages to face him using a mysterious red stone he found in the coal mines. While defending the village, he gradually reveals the origin of the stones and monsters …

Unlike other role-playing games, in Little Town Hero there is no need to repeatedly face weak monsters to gain experience and level up. The important thing is to find a good strategy to defeat the various bosses in one-on-one fights. … Will the protagonist be able to experience the adventure he so longs for an escape from the tedious life of the village?

Little Town Hero is expected for October 16 exclusively on Nintendo Switch. What are your expectations for the new game from the Pokemon authors? The word is yours!