Riot Announces a New Teamfight Tactics Test Pass


Riot announced the third Teamfight Tactics test pass.

Riot has already prepared for players the third test pass under the TFT mode:

The third Tactical Skirmish Pass is coming! Over the next five weeks, you’ll earn icons, emotes, Arena colors and Small Legend egg by completing missions and playing PT.

The pass will come into effect from update 9.20. It will be completed with patch 9.22.


Raising the level of your pass, you’ll be able to unlock the Color of the Storm Arena, two new emotes and three new icons. As a special thank you to all players who have played this beta season, this Pass also includes the Egg of the 1st Small Legend Set. Within four weeks you can earn 5760 XP, and unlocking all prizes will cost 4000 XP.

Enlightenment Ball:  You’ll get 70 XP for logging in and an additional 10 XP for each of your next five games. Not counting the missions you complete, you can earn 120 XP each day by logging in and playing five games.


The missions will mostly be the same as last time. Every week you will get 6 missions that you can complete to earn XP. Two of them will require playing a certain number of PT games. Two include easy challenges that can be completed in one session. The last two will be more difficult because they will require facing a more serious challenge or demonstrating a perfect understanding of the principles or strategies of Tactical Skirmishes.

We have received your comments about the missions that involve playing a certain number of games, so we changed their rules. These missions will now contain commands:

  • Play  6 games in PT mode to stages 3-6.
  • Play  10 games in PT mode to stages 3-6.

In total, completing these missions will require playing 7 games less a week.

Riot decided to reduce the stage requirements because they want to allow more opportunities and give greater freedom to players. You should not lose the game just because you tried to use Braum with a cannon and were eliminated early. Now such losses involve some compensation.