In Minecraft 1.16, a Knife Will Probably Appear – a New Item


It looks like with Nether’s renewal update, there will also be new items in the game.

Minecraft awaits a lot of refreshment, or at least as indicated by the first information directly from the creators. During one of the performances on stage, developers slipped away the sentence regarding throwing knives.

Probably the knives will come to Minecraft soon.

Knives in Minecraft

This would not be a huge surprise, because the knives were presented with the Minecraft Dungeon – of course, this is a completely separate game, but it showed that the knives could actually make sense.

A knife would be useful in many situations, such as simple and fast combat, or in making items.

All we have to do is wait for any confirmed information and of course update 1.16, which will bring Nether for the first time.