Halloween Can Appear on Overwatch Today


Today is the day we wrote about a dozen or so days ago.

There are really many people waiting for Halloween in Overwatch. No wonder, after all, it is one of the most interesting events in terms of the proposed game mode and cosmetic items.

Several days ago we noticed that it is today – on October 8 we have the first big chance to see Halloween Horror.

Halloween 2019 in Overwatch

Why first? Because there is still a chance that we will see the event on Thursday, or until next week. However, today’s date is the closest to those we have had so far.

While you can argue about the date, the time is usually quite certain. It is 20:00 and it is at this time that we should look at our site today.

Is it worth the wait? Definitely. Leaks say that this year we can see the night version of JunkerTown – and this is something completely new.