CS Update: GO – 08.10.2019 With the Expected Change of Crosshairs


CS: GO players can enjoy the new update again. This time it’s mainly bug fixes.

Valve has recently accelerated with these updates and very well. Although once again they do not bring huge changes, they are a nice addition that deals with several problems.

CS update: GO 03.10.2019

  • Players receive “Healthshot” for three eliminations in a row if they still have to
  • A tab has been added with the winners of all Majors in CS: GO
  • An interface error that incorrectly displayed Prime status has been fixed
  • The default allied fire notification has been removed and has been released as a separate feature
  • The crosshair will behave like other crosshairs while holding the knife
  • Fixed issue with the coupon purchase button
  • Added command to delay HTTP logs – logaddress_add_http_delayed
  • A token has been added to improve match history issues