Blair is a fan figure who could debut in Overwatch even today


Every now and then players come up with interesting ideas for new characters. However, Blair was treated in a special way.

It is rare that the character’s proposals are not only consistent but also so extensive. Blair is an example of how to put a finished product under Blizzard’s nose.

Of course, the hero would have to undergo many tests, modifications and skills reviews – but the concept itself is great.

Blair in Overwatch

Blair already has his own history, skills and even a dedicated website on the internet. It just seems ready to be introduced.

The creator of the project took care not only of the description and history but also of showing all his ideas in an environment reminiscent of Overwatch.

To be honest a long time ago, or maybe there has never been such a project, in which all the details were shown, sprays, graffiti or a mascot version matching Pachimari were also designed. Nice is watching the development of the community and its willingness to create more and more new things.