Apex Halloween officially – Night Kings Canyon, Zombie mode and more!


Respawn has already confirmed the entire Halloween event in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Halloween will start on October 15 and will last until November 5. As part of this event, we’ll have the opportunity to play a whole new game mode, get new cosmetic items, and explore the changed Kings Canyon.

Fight or fright in Apex Legends

The event is called fight or fright. What’s new?

  • A new game mode called Shadowfall with the night version of Kings Canyon
  • A total of 24 limited cosmetic items that can be obtained in the game
  • Heirloom kit for Lifeline
  • Double XP weekend for TOP 5 and winnings

The upcoming game mode looks the most interesting. According to the description, there will be 34 people in the games who will fight for victory in complete darkness. Interestingly, after dying we will change into a Zombie and join the shadow squad.

Being undead we will not be able to use skills or skills or weapons, but we will receive increased melee attack speed, faster movement and a higher jump.