Why Do Players Create a Smurf Account in LoL?

Riot Games

Why do players use accounts in low divisions?

One of the Rioters is curious about why players create accounts in low divisions.


One of the Rioters asked on his Twitter a question directed to smurfs. Why are they creating new accounts? It is known that smurfing discourages people who hit such an individual in the opposite team from playing. In addition, it becomes very bothersome. Unfortunately, Riot is helpless and does not ban new accounts, despite the fact that proving that the account belongs to us is relatively easy.

Here, we must also remember that if we enter the account of a colleague or girl and play rankedy, it is boosting. He is illegal and it’s easy to get punished here. It is not enough that the account we play on will be withdrawn in the ranking and will end with no prizes, just as our main account may suffer.

Why do players create a smurf account?

Here Riot Rovient mentioned a few examples of reasons.

One of them is playing with friends from low divisions. Probably one of the most common reasons. Who wouldn’t want help from someone in the high division?

The second reason is playing in a different position than the main game. It is known that when we play in a position we don’t use much, we will play differently and maybe a little bit less. Remember, however, that the game does not differ so much and further the most important factor affecting winning is good decision making. It doesn’t matter if we play top, midzie or adc.

The next and probably the worst reason is getting pleasure from smashing the weak. If it is accompanied by toxicity and laughing at the opponent … permaban on IP!

Earning goals, Rioter did not include this reason, but we will add it from each other. Unfortunately, the fact is that many players are boosting others to earn some extra money.