The Bus Driver Will Continue to Search for a New Map and the Servers Will Shut Down? Season 11 Start at Fortnite

Epic Games

The 11th season is coming and players are competing in various theories. What will all this look like?

The most sensible theory is that all the most important events will take place at one time. The meteor will fall on the map, the rocket will start and the cube will start spinning again and take us to the mysterious world.

What about the new map? Will it really appear?

End of season 10

One of the leakers shared his theory about how he thinks the end of the 10th season will look like. He writes that the whole event will start at 20:00. At its end, the bus will continue to search for a new map. Servers will be shut down at this time.

During the technical break, the loading screen at the top would change to another one – maybe with a new map.

The leaker also reminds of the issue of exit from the beta and files referring to the “big event”.