Several New Heroes, Several New Maps and a Great Project. The Balloon Was Inflating


The entire Overwatch community is waiting for new features to appear in the game as part of BlizzCon.

Each BlizzCon is a so-called Pumping a balloon, i.e. counting, is not something amazing, which will completely change Overwatch and other Blizzard games.

In recent years it worked out well, but it did not turn OW into a completely different game.

What is the community counting on?

The community hopes that the entire Blizzcon package will appear, namely:

  • Map
  • Hero
  • Animated movie

Maybe a comic or something extra? On the internet, however, you can find hopes for a lot more content. There are theories about several heroes, several maps, or a long animation of several dozen minutes. All of this would be extraordinary, of course, but let’s be realistic – there is no need to horny for incredible Overwatch content. Recent years have shown that there are great intentions, but limited possibilities.

Overwatch 2

Probably the biggest hope for the development of the game is ” Overwatch 2 “, which is a story expansion, maybe a set of missions, or some project related to the universe created from Blizzard.

However, we must remember that we are talking here about Blizzard, which announces huge changes and news and ends with block bastion. We do not count on revelations, then there will be no major disappointment when nothing spectacular appears.