Riot Sums Up: Heroes Released and Redesigned This Year and the World Championships.


Rioter summary about the heroes and World Championships.

One of the Rioters shared his thoughts on the published and remedied heroes. He also whispered a few words about Worlds.

Comments on new heroes and VGU this year

Riot Meddler states that this year’s heroes have worked really well. He is proud of how often they are elected, we are talking here mainly about Morgan, Sylas, Yuumcia, Mordekaiser, and Qiyance. An additional advantage of the changed heroes is their coherence between the game and history. He thinks Kindred and Shen apparently don’t match their characters from history. It seems to him that the new characters have coped well with this. For example, Mordekaiser is very well reminiscent of the dark master of black magic, Yuumi is a fun and loving magic cat, and Qiyana is a princess challenging everyone and getting the first level 3 blood.

In addition, as you can see for yourself, employees like introducing new products to the game. This year has resulted in many interesting new skills. Such Yuumi is immortal, immeasurable, irrelevant as a parasite. Sylas can steal the enemy’s ulta, Mordekaiser moves to another dimension, and Qiyana blows up half the map.

Some of the reworked heroes have changed their character significantly. Many of them paid off, examples are Poppy, Sion or Urgot. Despite the fact that the game with these characters is completely different, players liked newer versions. Rioter also admits to failed updates, states that many things have changed unnecessarily (ult of old Fiora).

He states that this year was successful and all heroes are doing very well.

A few thoughts about the World Cup

At the time of posting was the second day of competition. Here are Rioter’s thoughts:

  • They like the pace very much, they hope it will last until the end.
  • They also like the variety of pickups, remember that this is only the beginning and quarter of the teams.
  • Looking at the fact that many teams have picked up something other than ADC, they are not sure what the current finish looks like. They speculate that it depends on the teams and their preferences. They are curious about how the bot is developing and hope to continue to observe different classes on the lower lane.