Riot Games I Pay More Attention to Skins, so That They Do Not Provide an Advantage in the Game!


Riot Games confirms that it has started paying more attention to skins!

Free to play skins cannot provide any benefits. Of course, we’re talking about appearance here, and sometimes it’s hard to do.

Visibility of elements

Despite the fact that the game has strange skins with hardly visible elements. Riot Games tries to make them so that everything is as clearly visible as the original. Lux (let us skip the topic of hitbox fallen as chestnuts) has in its collection an imperial skin, in which Q and E are difficult to notice, apparently, this does not bother employees and is considered something normal. According to one of the Rioters, they have their own team of people responsible for the transparency of skins.

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After a mishap with iBlitzcrank and hard-to-notice hornbeam, the company applied to check the released skins and appointed designers responsible for the visibility of skills. In case of trouble, they help the main designers create fantastic projects with appropriate visual fidelity to the original.