It’s Not the Players Who Are Bad, and LoL’s Current Finish Sucks?

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Weak players or too ruthless finish?

A post has appeared on the League of Legends forum that draws attention to the change in the perception of their games. Instead of judging your allies and blaming them, it’s better to look at the current finish.

“This finish line just doesn’t forgive”

“I have complained many times about bad teammates or feeding on my team. But I’ve never looked at game replays. I recently did it and realized that you can’t blame people on my team, “the author of the post begins.

Contrary to appearances, the forum post is not about too much toxicity towards allies. But about how ruthless the current finish line is. According to the author, it’s not enough that the finish line doesn’t forgive, but games have a great propensity for snowballing, so you can lose the match when choosing a character.

The author of the post continues:

Until now, you did not believe what I write? See that even if you don’t die at all from an enemy, turret platings are worth the same as killing. Getting five = 800 gold, which means that even a safe game will punish you!

Killing rewards are also funny.

If the best player on your team dies once, the enemy can easily win 1000 gold and get back into the game or even gain an advantage over you.

They are getting so much gold, and you are in a terrible situation before you can blink. At this point, I couldn’t even blame anyone for feeding.

Imagine a situation where the 2/0/0 killer who has scored all the turret platings runs towards you. You got screwed:

  • You lose control of the map.
  • No map control = no vision.
  • No vision = you don’t know where the enemy is.
  • No knowledge of enemy position = you are dying in your own jungle.
  • You are dying in your own jungle = can you play this game at all?
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The author of the post does not hide his bitterness. His examples are, of course, exaggerated, but this is better to convey the heart of his speech. As he notes, there are games where everything on the line goes perfectly. You played well and you’re happy. But then you lose everything and you have no way of returning because one of the opponents won a lot of gold for turret platings and maybe the team got the prize for killing someone with a series.

The post sparked discussions and emerged from different players’ approaches. Some respondents accuse the author of being too extreme, logical errors and self-denial. Others find a lot of truth in his examples.

Does the current actual meta not forgive and is so ruthless?