Halloween – a Great Event Dimmed in Recent Years by Worldsy


The atmospheric celebration of Halloween at LoL is slowly falling into oblivion.

Formerly one of the more atmospheric events at LoL, now slowly forgotten, limited to the release of new skins. Will Harrowing come back again?

League of Legends Halloween

October 31 is Halloween. Although the holiday was popular mainly in the United States, it quickly spread around the world. Therefore, it is probably not surprising that it has also reached LoL.

And since the atmosphere of Halloween is a great material for creating events, skins, and accessories, the creators have been thinking for 9 years how to encourage people to play LoLa at the turn of October and November.

This is how Harrowing was created, full of evil spirits, zombies and black magic.

Beginnings of Harrowing

One could say that the history of Harrowing goes back to the very beginnings of League of Legends. Already in 2010, players celebrated Halloween. The annual tradition of publishing Halloween-related skins has also begun. The first skins in this subject are: Mundo Mundo, Pumpkinhead Fiddlesticks, Kitty Cat Katarina, Lollipoppy, Zombie Ryze and Nosferatu Vladimir.

Harrowing 2010 – login screen

Halloween event quickly won the hearts of players. All these thanks to the great atmosphere that prevailed throughout the League of Legends. Items changed graphics and names to better suit the celebrated holiday, e.g. pots on HP changed into Candy Corny, and instead of Frozen Heart, you could buy Frozen Brain.

A new climate map has also appeared on Summoner’s Rift.

Harrowing 2010 – changed Summoner’s Rift

The map was varied with many flavors and references. On it, you could see the spirit of Urf, past dressed as witches and wizards, and 3 coffins with canceled heroes: Averdrian, Plant King and Voodoo Shaman.

If that wasn’t enough, there were also 6 new event runes on the occasion of Harrowing. Runes were available between October 18 and October 31.

Thematic summoner icons and totem skins have been introduced to the event since 2012.

Hexakill and Doom Bots of Doom

Halloween in League of Legends is also associated with new game modes. In 2014, players could play Hexakill on Twisted Treeline, and in 2016, Destroying Doom Bots appeared on Summoner’s Rift.

These modes returned later as part of the rotary mode queue.

What will happen this year?

The sad truth is that the events at LoL have not been very good lately. Many people thought that the missions were forced and boring. Especially the lack of any variety to release the new Star Guardian skins hurt a lot of fans of the series. There was no liked Invasion or any new mode.

It is very likely that Halloween will also suffer through the 2019 World Cup.

Of course, this does not mean that we will not get themed skins. A prestigious Miss Fortune skin release is foreseen. Most likely, there will also be new icons and emoticons.

Harrowing 2014