A Full List of Upcoming Heroes in Apex Legends Has Leaked


Has the list of planned heroes of Apex Legends leaked?

A new leak in Apex Legends. One of the players involved in searching the game files claims that he came up with something amazing!

New characters

Since the game’s release in February, the company has added two new characters to the game to keep the game fresh. Suitable for the second and third season. Now it turns out that one of the miners claims to have a real list of planned characters. It is That1MiningGuy.

He shows on his Twitter a paper card on which characters are divided into three categories: Production, Desing Alpha and Far Future. The list includes Crypto, which was released at the beginning of season 3. In addition, there are also Revenant, which appeared in the game files after Iron Crown and Loba, previously called Rosie.

On the sheet, two additional characters are mentioned called Valk and Rampart in the early modeling phase, but with the highest priority. Below is another category of early phases, there are two more named heroes there: Near and Downfall and two unknown.

Remember that this is only a leak and we can not be sure about this information. Equally, a developer can change everything or suspend an entire project.