Yasuo the Most Hated Character. Are People Who Shouldn’t Take It?


If the League of Legends community were to pick a character who currently has the weakest opinion, it would definitely be Yasuo. Why and do players rightly laugh at this hero?

In League of Legends, we have a lot of characters and it is rare that one in such a visible way stands out in some field. In the case of Yasuo, however, this is really noticeable.

The character probably has the most memes, the most negative opinions, and playing it really requires a lot of concentration.

Why yasuo

The character is so disliked in total for two reasons. Many people think that her skills are simply too strong. Separately okay, but together they can really change the course of the game without much effort. Players have long complained that this character requires some changes that will slightly temper its capabilities or change the way it plays.

After all, we have here great mobility, quickly available large critical damage, a strong special ability to avoid Turks, or a “free shield for walking alone.”

Your Yasuo will be hopeless, he will be against the Challenger smurf

The second reason is simply the lack of skills of many people who choose this hero. It is often said that in your team you will have Yasuo who will do 0/20, while opponents will probably get a smurf from Challenger who will simply win the match itself.

It is this inconsistency that seems to be the most annoying. Although players also pay attention to the specific behavior of players choosing ” Penitent “. It’s about feeling superior to other people in the team and opponents. Yasuo will not only be happy to teach you about your game, but will also leave the match when you try to answer it.

But is he a bad hero?

Ultimately, the game Yasuo can be a lot of fun and of course, there are situations when we find a completely normal, nice player, where there are no problems with him. We win, forget and play next matches. You cannot also generalize and completely delete a character just by his opinion.

And although Yasuo is currently quite low when it comes to rankings with the percentage of games won, sometimes it is worth playing with it looking at the opinion. However, we should be prepared that our team will approach our selection with medium enthusiasm.