The Guest Plays TFT on the Steering Wheel Sitting in the Back Seat of the Car

Riot Games

I know, I was also surprised by this title.

Players sometimes have really strange ideas, we definitely include them. One of the popular creators decided to play a new mode in League of Legends called Tactical Skirmishes.

You might think it’s nothing. It would have been for sure if he hadn’t played from the rear seat of the car on the steering wheel.

In TFT on the steering wheel

Tactical Skirmishes can be played differently, but seeing this film, it seems to me that some people can actually play their matches like that. Anyway, Maxim decided to go a little crazy and play TFT from the back seat of the car, steering the characters with the steering wheel (I know that it would be better on the steering wheel of this car, but not – on a gaming one).

The whole movie is not in Polish, but you can get the point. Pretty funny action, though something like turning on for 30 seconds, skipping through the movie and that’s it.