Rosie a New Character in Overwatch? A Mysterious Announcement


Rosie – this name has warmed up the community in the last several hours. Why?

I think we’re all waiting for some information about the next character in Overwatch. From here, the community grabs literally everything, even the smallest clues, and signs that in fact, Blizzard can smuggle us something.

This time though one of the popular foreign Youtubers.

A real BLAST from the past!

A mysterious entry appeared on Blame The Controller. It can be both something new in Overwatch, as well as a preview of a fan project, which we’ve seen on the channel of this creator a few.

Together with this entry, graphics were also made available:

At the moment it’s difficult to say what’s going on here. There is a great possibility that this is fan-like work, but there is a chance that it actually means something more.

The Rosie name is currently not associated with anything special in Overwatch. Maybe only from Rosie the Riveter, which was often the inspiration for fan skins.

Character concept

Rose is probably the closest, i.e. the concept of the character from a few years ago. Although she looks cool, there are no major indications that it is about her.

BlizzCon is not far away, so from time to time this type of information will be shown. We advise you to approach them from a distance.