Riot Would Like to Introduce a Series of Skins With Dolphin, Kraken and Boa Snake?

Riot Games

Creators want to design new skins for Kindred?

In the League of Legends forum, there was a discussion about new skins for Kindred. It turns out that the creators are keeping an eye on certain series for these heroes.

A series of skins with a gazelle, alligator, boa snake …

As Kindred are not very spoiled with skins (the last skin they got was released on May 26, 2016 ) on the League of Legends forum there was a thread about the skin for them.

The author of the post suggested observing the motive of death in various cultures and mythology and be inspired by this when creating an interesting skin for Kindred.

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One of the Rioters – FauxSchizzle – contributed to the topic and stated:

We considered this during the hero creation process. I still love this idea and wish we could put it into practice. But I still hope that one day Kindred will return to the finish line and create a series of skins: gazelle / alligator, dolphin / kraken, sparrow / boa snake.

For those who don’t follow the fate of Kindred – it’s worth mentioning that they were released in 2015 and currently have only 2 skins.