Players Want To Change Penalties For Leaving Games. Riot Admits He Has A Problem With This

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Should the penalty system for leaving games be changed?

A topic appeared on Reddit that touched on changes to the detection and punishment system for leaving the game. Rioter’s answer turned out to be very extensive.

Problems with determining the players’ actual intentions

The biggest problem for developers in the topic of rating and punishing players leaving games is to assess the actual reason for leaving the game. As noted by the commenting Rioter – it is very difficult to assess whether it was a way out of rage, desire to hinder the game for others, or maybe the reason for some problems with the computer or the Internet.

It is also very difficult to assess whether players are leaving because of worse play, nervousness or unsuccessful action on the line. Often this may look like this from the rest of the team, but the actual reasons for leaving are unknown to anyone but the outgoing. Unless – as Rioter pointed out – we somehow get to this person and ask him why she left the game.

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Rioter later in his speech stated that a system could be made that would learn certain behaviors and assess the situations on this basis. It might make sense on paper, but it could have unintended effects in real life. Players who mock hardware/internet problems or pretend to be out of the game due to, for example, issues beyond their control could be rated less severely. On the other hand, those who would actually have these problems but the system judged them to be “going out on purpose” would be unfairly punished.

Regardless of whether this is going out of the rage, intentional or not, we want to judge carefully and not punish innocent players.


Riot employees also noted that the creators know how frustrating for players are situations in which someone on the team suddenly leaves the match. Everyone is aware that this is a problem and they do not want to downplay it in any way. His statement simply wanted to show people how difficult it is to develop a good, fair system that would not be harmful to some people.

The teams responsible for these systems work hard to improve them every day.

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When mentioning all penalty and reward systems, there is a thought – what about reports from other players? Maybe they should assess whether the outgoing ally should be punished? As it turns out, it’s also quite complicated. Such reports cannot be verified in any way. Many people could write them maliciously or defend their friends from the punishment they actually deserved. It can be compared to reports for deliberate dying, often given to people who try and do nothing maliciously, but they do less well because they are just having a bad day.

More LP for 4 vs 5 winners?

The question arose whether wins ranked in a weakened composition should give more LP.

Rioter decided that this is not possible, although it can not be hidden that this is often an amazing feat. In his opinion, you need to focus on the source of the problem – outgoing players.

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Returning after leaving – punish or not?

Slightly different (though related) issues are penalties for people who returned to the game after leaving it.

If you leave the game and come back to it after some time, we can’t just say, “Don’t worry, everything is forgiven.”

Each exit from the game somehow weakens the team and makes it harder to win. Here, more problems arise in the assessment of the outgoing player and how he should be punished. Should the penalties be equally severe? Or maybe adapted to how the player behaves after returning to the match? Should catch up and active support from helpers eliminate the penalty? There are really many questions.