No More “Aim Assist” on the Keyboard and Mouse. End Of “Legal Aimbot”

Epic Games

Recently, many people have used the error allowing the use of mouse and keyboard aiming support.

We have not specifically written about this error before waiting for it to be updated. Today Epic Games has released a small patch, removing the ability to use Aim Assist on the keyboard.

The problem has been known for several days and well, if you thought you were falling a little too quickly recently, you probably found the cause.

Issue fixed

Although it has been called a legal aimbot, it has little to do with legality. This is a deliberate use of an error. It probably won’t have major consequences, but it’s still pretty weak.

Below is an example of how it worked. The player did not move the mouse.

Something like this is called gamebreaking and in fact, you can pull it under that word. Fortunately, Epic has updated Fortnite and cannot be used from now on when using the mouse and keyboard.