Ninja Completely Smashes Tfue Complaining About Everything


Although Tfue is a very good player, he often complains about Fortnite for every reason.

Tfue got a complain patch some time ago and well, it’s hard to disagree. Streamer took a break and only a few hours after his return he decided to complain about Fortnite.

All in all, he didn’t hit anything specific, he just stated that the game “sucks”.

Ninja answers honestly

This was answered by Ninja, who has been answering Tfue for a long time. Streamer wrote that Fortnite suits him and he enjoys the Gotham upgrade quite well.

If you don’t like it, stop playing and complaining all the time.

You’ll see the entire conversation below.

In fact, it’s hard to disagree. If someone doesn’t like something, then why play it? Tfue is currently in a great trap because his streams from other games are simply not interesting for people.