Are Halloween Skins in Fortnite Still Impressive?

Epic Games

Nightmares Czar will be coming soon to Fortnite. It is not yet known what the whole event will look like, but the community is ready.

Halloween is a special time at Fortnite not only because of the news on the map, but also by cosmetic items. There are rare skins and other things related to Czar Nightmares that are not available later in the year.

The question is, is anyone still waiting for these skins and do they have any greater value?

Definitely Ghoul Trooper

Last year, Epic decided to release Skull Trooper to the store. It was accompanied by huge emotions that did not go down even after releasing a special style for people who had this skin before.

Now, most people look anxiously, but also with great hopes, towards Ghoul Trooper – currently the rarest Halloween skin in the game.

Epic Games

There is no more attention in the store … 674 days. That’s really a lot when it comes to “these normal” cosmetics. Although can Ghoul Trooper be considered normal?

Other skins, although of course cool, do not arouse such great emotions. Skull Trooper is in the cabinet of really many people who just forgot about it.

Will something new happen?

Last year, everyone had the chance to get a special hang glider. Maybe this year will be similar. You can bet that we will again have a set of challenges for which a subject will appear. What will it be It is not known yet.