Watch out for the New Bug With Editing in Fortnite!

Epic Games

A dangerous error has occurred in update 10.40.1, be careful!

In Forntnite, with the arrival of Update 10.40.1, a major bug crept into the build, it’s so damaging that one of Epic Games employees passed it on.

Serious mistake

With the arrival of the latest update, a new event has been confirmed, the season has been extended by several days and several corrections have been made. Apparently, a small bug has crept into the system along with the patches.

The bug is so serious that it can affect not only ordinary players, but also the pro scene.

Tomred95 has published a video on Reddit that shows how much its discovery affects fast building.

After editing the ceiling and restoring it to the initial position and the next edition in half, you will not be able to edit this element again. The solution is to invert the camera.

Not being able to edit the ceiling again during a fight can have terrible consequences. Nobody would want to die by mistake in the game and lose first place.

Reddit Fortnite Community Coordinator looked at the error and quickly responded to the post. He thanked for showing the error and announced that it would be forwarded.

So it looks like the programmer has already taken care of the repair and we will soon see a repair patch. Perhaps something else will be added in it, but these are only speculations.