The Boxes Will Probably Disappear From LoL, Players Will See Random Items


Pressure from the “top” is already reflected in several games. Now it is also going to affect League of Legends.

2019 was a very difficult year for the subject of boxes. They have been banned in several countries, and in many still, arouse great emotions and opposition.

Therefore, many of the games that Tencent puts his hand to are to change their policy on boxes in their productions.

No more League of Legends mailboxes?

According to the latest information, game studios have to adapt to a new reality in which the very word “inbox” is perceived as an element of gambling and randomness. As a result, the mechanics containing loot boxes will undergo a thorough change.

There are two principles from the instructions given by Tencent:

  • The mailbox should not be a mailbox
  • The player must see what exactly he drew before opening the “no mailbox”

And while the first point doesn’t make a difference to anyone, because in the end, the box can change into anything else, it’s interesting when the content is visible even before opening “something”.

You see what you draw before you open

This element is the most important in all of this because it completely closes the topic of randomness. You just see what happened to you and decide for yourself whether you want to open it or not.

This was done in the Rocket League (which was taken over by Epic Games, where Tencent has a 40% stake in EG). There, developers will change the boxes to the so-called Blueprints.

How are they different from the boxes? First of all, the appearance and secondly the visibility of things that we can buy.

When changes?

Tencent’s communication does not have specific dates mentioned, but it can be expected that this is not about 2019, but these are rather tips for future years. Rocket League is the first to go, the other big productions have to rethink their box policy.