Players Are Pissed off That New Ones Get Rewards and Old Ones Don’t Care


New players are pampered with prizes and bonuses from the developers.

Over the years, the new League of Legends players are getting better. The creators offer them a lot of bonuses, free heroes and more.

It annoys old stalkers who either have not experienced such bonuses or have long forgotten, it is to get something in thanks for your time spent on continuous play.

New heroes, essences, chests, and skins

One of Reddit’s users raised the topic of receiving rewards by new players. While leveling a new account with a friend, he noticed that new players (or returning ones who opened a fresh account) get a lot of bonuses for a better start.

LoLa fans with longer experience will definitely remember that a lot before the Hextech Workshop there were no such amenities. As many have noticed, in the old days new ones had almost nothing, runes were expensive, and the mass of players had to be content with heroes at the lowest price.

Riot is constantly improving the way new players are rewarded. The system received changes on May 23, 2019. Perhaps some people remember what the initial bonuses from Hextech looked like. Today among the prizes for new ones are essences, boxes, key shards, skins, totems, and icons.

The creators also introduced rewards for daily login, among which you can receive, among others Miss Fortune from Waterloo.

We are testing prizes for daily login for new players! The awards have been divided into level awards and daily login rewards.

Riot Games
Daily login rewards
Day Login Rewards Choose a hero (choose 1)
1 Hero – shooter + hextech chest Tristana, Caitlyn, Ezreal
2 Hero – warrior / man + 3 key fragments Illaoi, Riven, Garen
3 Hero – magician + PD boost (for 3 days) + hextech chest Brand, Morgana, Ziggs
4 Hero – controlling + hextech key Sona, Thresh, Nami
5 Hero – killer + hextech chest Ekko, Fizz, Talon
6 6300 Blue Essence
7 Skin Shard + Orange Essence Miss Fortune from Waterloo + 500 Orange Essence

As you can see, a new account during the week can get the essence of even one of the newest heroes (of course, not counting the rest of the awards). Players starting their adventure with League of Legends a few years ago could at most dream about it.

It irritates old stalkers

New ones have better – that’s what most of the responses in the topic about rewards for fresh accounts look like. Older players feel somehow injured that they do not receive even small gifts, and in their time there were no such bonuses.


“In fact, for playing frequently for many years, it would simply be nice to see some sort of bonus that will actually affect our game. We’re not talking about 100 Blue Esense points here, but something that will show some gratitude to Riot for our years spent producing them, “ writes one of the Reddit users.

The case is open and although there is no Riot comment on this matter, maybe in the future it will change. The studio has recently said that it wants to take care of some “neglected” issues of the League.