What to expect from today’s Fortnite update?

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A new update is coming to Fortnite today, what can you expect from it?

This is another unusual update that will appear in Fortnite. This time it received the designation 10.40.1. What’s so interesting about her?

It is neither a regular update nor a content update. According to the designation, it is supposed to be a complement to 10.40, while it provides not only a technical break, but also a description.

10.40.1 in Fortnite

What can you expect? Everything, really. We count the most on information related to the upcoming event, associated with the end of the season.

However, normally with new items or weapons, we have a trailer the day before. Nothing happened here except the graphics change on some devices.

Epic Games

However, I’m intrigued by the description of the update. We know that Fortnite has several bugs that will probably be fixed today. However, does it deserve to issue a patch description after the technical break?

Everything will clear up after 10:00, there will probably be some leaks, but this is not confirmed.