The Look of the New Genji and Symmetry Skins in the Game


Blizzard shared the appearance of upcoming skins directly in the game.

Yesterday two new skins for Genji and Symmetra were shown, which will be in the game soon. Unfortunately, it is not known when accurate. Blizzard points out that this will be before BlizzCon, while we can forget about a specific date.

However, something else was shown – the appearance of skins directly in the game.

New skins in the game

Often, skin graphics differ in what we see directly in Overwatch. It is only thanks to the presentation of cosmetic items in the game that we can decide whether the skin suits us or not.

The skins look really neat and are a nice reference to other Blizzard games. It’s definitely a good move on the part of developers to make new cosmetic elements available together with BlizzCon.

The question is whether this is all or the next few days.