Overwatch Streamer Banned on Twitch for Smashing the Keyboard


Streamer on Twitch has been banned for an interesting reason – the destruction of the keyboard.

Streamer known under the nickname dellor during his broadcast definitely irritated too much and decided to destroy his keyboard.

This was done in a standard way – i.e. several times the keyboard hit the desk. Eventually, the streamer was banned.

Streamer banned for destroying the keyboard

dellor is mainly known for broadcasting Overwatch. He also plays at Fortnite, PUBG, LoLa or Apex. The streamer was about to regain his partner on Twitch and was banned the same day.

The official reason for blocking is self-harm. Streamer jokes a little jokingly putting his face in evidence that he was not injured after this risky action.

However, the matter is serious. At TwitLonger, Dellor wrote that he no longer wants to live in such a world, and the last months have been very difficult for him.