Official World Cup Chairs Now Available!


Official Secretlab chairs for cooperation with Riot Games are now available!

The official chairs of this year’s World Championships are now available for sale. Faker was crying as he sold.

Secretlab chairs

The official chairs of the 2019 World Cup have just been presented. Of course, the chairs are available in the Prestigious Editions. As the manufacturer assures, the chairs are made in new technology, and for each of them, we will get a 5-year warranty!

We can order them on the official secretlab website. In addition, each chair will allow a lot of personalization for the user. Color change? No problem! Favorite team? We can choose! Leather instead of plastic? Also available! Prices range from $ 350 to even 800!

Chairs are available from now until November 11, so hurry up!

They were additionally presented in a movie on the official League of Legends channel under esport: