Nexus Blitz vs Teamfight Tactics – Comparison of Popularity From Riot

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Nexus Blitz versus Teamfight Tactics

Ryan Rigney commented on Twitter about the popularity of TFT and answered numerous questions and concerns about the Nexus Blitz mode.

Does excess missions cause players to burn out?

After Riot’s publication of mode charts (including mainly for comparison with Teamfight Tactics), there were a lot of opinions about why, for example, Nexus Blitz is a mode so little played and losing popularity.

Riot Games

Last week we published this chart, which shows how much more popular TFT is compared to other League of Legends modes.

Everyone can see that Nexus Blitz statistics were weak, but I noticed that some find it difficult to accept the data.

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One of the emerging arguments is the idea that there were too many missions for NB, which caused people to burn out in this mode.

For this to be true, there would have to be evidence that tons of missions are giving up other modes. This evidence does not exist.

In fact, TFT missions exist throughout the beta period and are extremely burn-resistant.

I love NB and I hope that one day we will be able to experiment with patches that will make it more liked by players. But missions have nothing to do with it.