How to Piss off Blitzcrank Players and Counter Him?

Riot Games

A great way to counter robot players!

Despite the fact that the way has been around for a long time, it is not very popular. Did you know that a pillar does just that?

Great counterpick!

Everyone is known to Morgana, she helps Blitz to quickly dodge, which is mainly based on his rake. Her ban is also almost certain if her opponent wants to play with a robot. Here, Trundle comes to our aid, and with his rod, he is ready to put the pillar in his path. If you are worried that it is difficult to catch the right moment so as to put a whip between you and the enemy, we will show you an easy trick!

It turns out that we do not have to put an obstacle between the kidnapped and the kidnapper. One of the players presented it great:

As we can see, the Blitzcrank player must have been very annoyed with the situation. Despite the good eye and good chance of getting killed, the opponent eluded him.