Halloween in Apex Legends – New Skins Discovered!

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Players have found that this year we will definitely see the Halloween event in Apex Legends.

Players have already dug up the first cosmetic elements that we will see during the upcoming Halloween. It turns out that Respawn has planned a special event for this occasion.

At the moment we have something like an announcement, but it is already extremely interesting.

New cosmetic items

We have Crypto skins in the Halloween version, in addition to the skins will also receive Caustic and Bloodhound.

However, the most intriguing is this graphic:

Wraith in such a dark installment is not just anything. It is possible that this will be a special type of skin, although nothing specific has been confirmed so far.

We remind you that the new, third season of Apex Legends started yesterday. The patch takes up some space, but it’s definitely worth downloading.