The Song for the World Cup Is Not Ready Yet. Riot Confirms


The song for the 2019 World Cup is not ready yet.

Tomorrow is October 1, the championship starts in two days. Meanwhile, Riot officially admits that it is not ready yet and is being produced.

The song is not ready yet

The anthem of the World Championships usually appeared between 15 and 26 September. In the meantime, we have 30 September, and the song is gone.

Today, Riot Games officially announced on Twitter that the song is still not finished. It’s difficult to say at what level of creation it is, or whether any complications arose because they went without details. Let’s hope he makes it to the championship.

Negative comments

Under Twitter League of Legends informing about ongoing work, swarmed with negative comments.

Some asked Riot Games to wake up, others asked if it was impossible to start work earlier. Maybe something fell apart in the schedule or someone got sick and everything stood up. Currently, it is hard to guess and we have to wait for official information. Maybe the song will be presented on October 2 at the grand opening?

One thing is certain, however, is another setback of Riot Games.