The Option to Add Games Should Be Added to LoL as a Normal Function?


League of Legends players has a very interesting but also controversial proposition.

Adding games in League of Legends is not unusual. According to players, this happens often enough that it should be a normal function of the game that Riot could make available.

The offer appeared on Reddit and quickly began to gain popularity. There are of course two sides to this feature.

Suggestion to add game adding options

Currently, adding hearts ends with a penalty, but small enough that players often decide to exit matches. Why? Mainly by trolling by other people in the lobby. According to the player TocinoBoy69, Riot seeing this should react and add the normal option to add in the client itself.

The client should have a separate button that allows you to leave the match instead of exiting by closing the client.

Interestingly, in many topics, even the Knights themselves in the past simply suggested leaving matches, if we see our defeat in the lobby.


What about penalties?

The community suggests that the current penalties could be limited in such a way that everyone had several options to leave the lobby without any consequences, only after some time we would receive some restriction in the form of a forced wait.

Current penalties are mainly a 6-minute time penalty, then either a further time penalty or loss of LP.