Sprite Cans With Images of Overwatch Heroes. Awards Inside


In Russia, Sprite cans with images of Overwatch heroes went on sale.

We had something similar in the case of League of Legends. There, also the Coca Cola concern took to creating drinks with characters from the game.

This time it’s about promoting the Overwatch game.

There is currently no detailed information about this promotion. It is known that cans can be bought in Russia for now. However, there is no confirmation that they will also be available in other countries.

We remind you that Sprite belongs to Coca Cola, which in turn has signed contracts with Activision Blizzard. It can be really interesting!

For now, the official website has a simple message:

Buy limited Sprite and Overwatch cans. Register receipts, enter promotional codes and get guaranteed rewards.

It’s hard to say what the rewards will be. Maybe some Overwatch skin?