Professional Fortnite Player Has Been Banned From the Stream!


Professional player Fortnite was blocked on his live stream yesterday.

One of Fortnite’s best console players was banned yesterday. Why?

Pros banned

One of the best console players Fortnite was banned on September 30 on one of its live streams. A player known from big tournaments and the popular streamer Aydan conducted live broadcast and logged into his alt account to enjoy games in low divisions.

Epic Games

He asked two subscribers to join the lobby and jump off the map so that he could do the most killings himself. After a while, players appeared in his lobby and together they began the experiment.

The plan was successful and the player dominated the low divisions. Of course, it didn’t last long. Ayden was banned for 24 hours for Exploiting, which means exploiting errors.

It turns out that the game treats smurfing as Exploiting. The professional got banned for 24 hours, but in the future, when we play again for weaker players, it may end with a permanent block.

After all, the streamer logged out to its main account, it was intact, and the transmission continued.