Players at the Polish Fortnite Tournament Had to Sit in a Jacket on Their Heads, Because the Sun Shone on Them


An unusual situation occurred at one of the last Fortnite tournaments.

Gerard “Snowwie” Gołumbiewski on Facebook pointed out a rather unusual situation during one of Fortnite tournaments in Poland. He points out that although the initiative and organization were quite okay, the players encountered quite unexpected difficulties.

In a jacket on his head

There are two main issues here. One definitely funnier, though not for the players. The organizers were to forget about blinds or something that would cover the glowing light in the eyes. As a result, you could see this view:


In my youth, it was done with a blanket so that my mother did not see the lighted monitor. Well, these times are back in some situations.

The second problem was the monitors refreshing at 60hz instead of 244hz. The initiative is very nice because there are really no such tournaments in Poland, we believe that it will be better in the future!