Fans Are Looking Forward to Faker’s Return to the World Cup!


The fan hype around Faker is huge. The community speculates how well the star plays!

One of the three-time World Champion fans, he created an amazing video showing the power of the SKT T1 midlaner!

The film presents the strengths of the key player SKT T1. He made a lot of buzz among players and many of them considered it a masterpiece. Silvix managed to create a really good video that begins with SKT T1 losing to SSG, after the tragic death of the main character in the final. Thus, losing 0: 3, they took second place.

Players and loyal Korean fans can’t wait to see how they play this year. They are sure of the dominance of SKT T1 and that their star will once again win Worldsy. One of them comments:

Legend Man, Demon King. Absolutely the best League of Legends player!

Others have compared him to sports stars, they think he has brought as much for League of Legends as LeBron James for basketball, Lionel Messi for Football or Lewis Hamilton for Formula 1.

Faker himself has recognized this year’s tournament as one of the most important in his career. After winning the LCK, Faker wants to dominate Worldsy and win another cup for his collection.

In addition, the entire SKT T1 wants revenge on G2, which humiliated them in this year’s MSI.