Call of Duty: Mobile Is Available for Free on Android and iOS

Call of Duty: Mobile

One of the most important premieres this year when it comes to mobile gaming.

PUBG has a new competitor. Call of Duty Mobile debuted on the market, presenting most of the content from Black Ops 4. We have the same maps here, the same weapons and it seems – the last time we can get into a real COD.

It’s all completely free on mobile devices. It is really an interesting position and it is not surprising that it is already getting good praise.

Call of Duty Mobile

Tencent is responsible for implementation, so don’t worry about the quality of the game or optimization. I wonder how it will take place between the mobile version of PUBG. After all, the new version of the mobile COD also has the Battle Royale mode.

And although on the PC version of BR did not achieve incredible success, it can be different on phones.

The control is exactly as you can guess. At the beginning quite resistant, but with time we begin to empathize and after several dozen minutes we are able to hit accurately.

It’s definitely worth installing if you have a strong phone that won’t burn you after five minutes.