Will the Dealers Not Dig up Fortnite Event Information Again?

Epic Games

People involved in searching the game files are currently debating whether to extract information about the next event.

We have another event at Fortnite ahead of us, and people who search files every day openly say that they are considering similar action as they did a few months ago.

We would like to remind you that most people decided not to pull out information about the event at that time.

“We want to experience this event as if we didn’t know anything”

It is not yet known what decision will be made, but it is very likely that information about the next event will be very limited. Although the majority of leakers indicate that previously the action did not bring major effects.

The goal is right, but someone will put information on reddit, twitter or discord a few minutes before. – we read the statement of one of the largest leakers today.

Actually, searching for Fortnite files is not too complicated. The question is how the community prefers to play it.

Most people prefer to know what awaits them. Until now, despite even full leaks, the excitement of events was very large (unless someone did not start the event).