Why Are the Statuses Currently in Quotation Marks? Rioter Explains!

Riot Games

Why are the statuses currently in quotation marks? Rioter, who came up with this idea, explains!

Proud of his solution, the originator and creator explain why quotation quotes are to be used!

For some time, what we write in our status is displayed for others in quotation marks. What is it related to and how would it help us? There are several answers and they seem … quite strange?

According to Rioter about the proud nickname on Reddit BarackProbam, the status update was his idea. The quotation marks had to change several issues. What?

  • Many people confused about the creation of waiting rooms with status when some laugh in the description stated that he was creating a waiting room.
  • Initially, they wanted to introduce a special icon that would show that it was a status, but it took too much space.
  • In addition (attention ridiculous) causes accidental sarcasm. As an example, the employee gives the status of his boss “diamond champion”, from now on every time he sees this description, he laughs. Because, as you probably know, quotation marks are used to emphasize sarcasm. So if we want to announce something seriously now, it may be sarcasm.
Riot Games

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If you have already laughed and got up from the floor, you can admit that this quotation mark is not so bad. From now on, none of our friends will troll us. In addition, according to one player, people with color blindness do not distinguish cyan from green, which can also help them.

A slight change and not so bad, but an employee’s explanation … a little cringe.