The Upcoming Event at Fortnite Will Be the Accumulation of All Previous Ones?

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The upcoming event can be the accumulation of all existing?

The event, which will take place next weekend, is to be one of the best so far. Will it beat all previous?

An upcoming event

This will probably be the end of the season event. According to leaks and everything we know, there will probably be a new map waiting for us in season 11. Of course, this is not confirmed, but many files in the game indicate just that. Previous events on the map, but those already confirmed: an island with a cube-kevink reactor, a meteorite that is hard to miss, zones, the return of the newcomer as a scientist, a rocket and much more.

Epic Games

Will season X end with a great war and the end of the current map? An interesting theory worth mentioning and perhaps true. Who knows if the creator of the 11th season will be the main character, since we already have an angel in the game, then can ala god be added to end all disputes and make Fortnite a paradise for players?

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There are many theories, but we’ll find out in less than a week.